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As an employer, we know you care about your employees - and providing benefits is an important part of that. But the cost associated with health benefits can become overwhelming, making the selection of benefits to provide very difficult, and sometimes impossible.

We're here to help. Member Medical is not insurance and visits included in our membership do not apply to a deductible or get billed to insurance - this helps
reduce an employer's total claims and may impact future premium rates.

Member Medical helps bridge the perceived coverage gap associated with a High Deductible Health Plan. Your employees can safely migrate to higher deductible plans and still seek medical care when they need it - without the fear of large out of pocket expenses.

Member Medical is an eligible medical expense, therefore Health Savings Account (HSA) funds can be used to pay for the membership and any ancillary services (X-Rays, DME, etc.).

Urgent Care Access

Convenient, affordable access to Urgent Care for you and your employees and their families.

Care when you need it.

Care Concierge

Healthcare costs can impact your bottom line. Let us help your employees navigate to lower cost providers to ensure they receive the best care at the lowest price.

Integrated Wellness

We will work with your company's existing wellness offerings to compliment or provide additional services (i.e. flu shots) as needed.

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Account Management

Member Medical is dedicated to ensuring that your employees understand their membership and how it works with your benefit plans. We will provide on-site info sessions as well as ongoing account management for the best possible outcomes.

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